Naruto Dragon Blade Chronicles for android

Naruto Dragon Blade Chronicles for android

Download the Naruto Dragon Blade Chronicles which seems to use graphics similar to Clash of Ninja but some models are still reused. The characters wear new clothes, armor based on their usual attire, with the exception of Tsunade and Jiraiya, unlike almost all Naruto games, in this one the armor is responsible for transferring chakra to the body and not to the System. circulation of the chakras.

The plot is based on the Itachi chase mission. Half of the plot is more original to the game and revolves around a small squad of Konoha ninja trying to stop Kurome Tatsushiro, one of the last members of the ancient dragon gods, from freeing and overpowering Henryū. To achieve the game’s objective, Naruto must kill each Henryu with the help of the ancient Dragon Blade, given to him by Kuroma’s younger sister Akari.

As for Sasuke, he had already formed Hebi by the time history began hunting and killing Itachi. However, his efforts are thwarted by Akatsuki. Throughout the story, the player plays as Naruto or Sasuke throughout their journey, using their respective blades and team member skills to fight on multiple levels.

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