Naruto Kizuna Drive for android

Naruto Kizuna Drive for android

Download Naruto Kizuna Drive and In this game, you can see that many elements from the previous game have been included, in addition to the many new features available in this version. One of these new built-in features is the ability to fight alongside three other allies, depending on your level. Additionally, during combat, players will summon various scrolls to restore health, chakra, and attack power. Despite this, the player can equip his character with various ninja tools and switch the character’s abilities, which can increase his abilities. Some techniques have tremendous power, like the Eight Gates of Li and the Mind Eye of Kagura Karin.

Thanks to the ability to fight other characters on the field, it is possible to combine attacks and create combined attacks, which as a result makes the player’s team powerful enough to combine all forces and create a huge explosion using combined techniques. With this feature, the player can suddenly summon characters to the battlefield to attack his opponent. By using additional characters and attacks, there is a chance that the player will earn Kizuna points at the end of the tournament.

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